Saturday, March 27, 2010

Why Am I Doing This?????

    having 3 super active sons
    (sometimes makes me feel like a circus master)
    being so skinny.. those who know me u know..
    dealing with a lovely yet childish hubby :P
    being the so called smallest big sista in the family
    working in a giant company handling over 20 people
    dealing with so many types of people everyday - i can end up pulling my hair!
    waking up early n sleeping super late
    travelling very far and taking all the risk to get new stocks everymonth
    dealing with liars, bitches etc everyday... yeah u can consider me one if u wish too aswell..hehe
    having great hair loss due to counting all the budgets, earnings and sometimes lossess

    and yet

    i still wake up every morning

    and continued doing this

    you know why??? look further below





    coz there are much more KIND HEARTED people out there who supports me

    you guys are not just customers
    but my sisters, my friends...

    thank you angie for the new suprising email with the new header
    i never had any time to do one
    thank you for being so thoughtfull to help me out
    without even needing to ask me.. you knew i need 1
    (that proves how ugly my current header is .. hehe)

    and of course

    its for all of you who always are very passionate of opening my blog and viewing the pictures so patiently and buying it most of the time

    i apologize if sometimes i am a bit lost or if ur shipment arrives late

    or maybe things are not as u expected..

    thank you again
    God Bless The World

    Earth Hour 27th March 2010 - be one!

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Why Am I Doing This?????

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